Virac is the first class municipality and the capital city of the province of Catanduanes, Philippines. It has estimated population of 73,650 and a population density of 480 per km. There are about 63 barangays in the city and was known to be most populous fifth largest in land area in Catanduanes.

It has been known that the word Virac comes from the derivation of the word “Vidak” while others claim it is a contraction of the Spanish version of the word burac, meaning flower.

There are many foreigners invaded Virac in Catanduanes, the Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese. Japanese took place Virac and run from it during World War II.

The early nineties saw the alternate changing of local governance between Rodulfo Sarmiento and Jose “Cito” Alberto II, the son of Congressman Jose Alberto.

The municipality of Virac occupies the southern tip of the Island province. Almost half of the area is rugged and mountainous, with hills and plains dotted with marshy land, rocky jutting cliffs and crags. The town is bounded on the east and south by the Pacific Ocean, on the North by high and green mountain ranges of San Miguel, and on the west by the gently rolling hills of San Andres.

Virac’s position is in the middle of the typhoon belt means that it is heavenly affected by typhoons from July to October. Economic development is always been hampered by these weather disturbances.

The econmy of Virac is sustained by the primarily agricultural farming of rice, corn, bananas and root crops. The production of Copra and Abaca also provide additional income for the people. Fishing is also an essential industry, together with mining and lumber.

The provincial capitol building is an edifice that is the pride of Bicolandia an can also be considered as an alternative tourist destination in the town proper because of its landscaping, mini forest, orchidarium, plaza and spacious playground.
The Juan M. Alberto Memorial building and Theatre is promoting the image of Catandunganons art and culture.
Imelda Boulevard is a replica of Roxas Boulevard of Manila which visitor will enjoy to room around.